Learning Support / Leer-ondersteuning

Lantern School Triangle of Support

Partnership Triangle of Support
For schools to work well and for children to benefit most from school, it is important for families to build a partnership between the school, themselves and their children.


  • Ensure that your child attends school and is on time every day.
  • Each child (especially in Foundation and Intermediate phase) needs to read AT LEAST 20 pages of supervised reading every day. Your attention, correction and input in this regard are very important.

This helps to:

  1. Build your child’s vocabulary
  2. Promote letter and word-recognition
  3. Stimulate creative thinking and writing
  4. Generates a good general knowledge
  5. Understand settings and contexts in perspective
  6. Promotes memory and comprehension skills
  • Check homework and make sure that your child understands the work that is currently being done. The longer your child waits to have a solid understanding, the more he/she falls behind.
  • Test and exam preparation should be done well in advance. Encourage your child to study by making summaries. The earlier your child tries out different strategies of learning, the sooner his/her preferred method of studying can be established.



The school, teachers and therapists will ensure quality teaching and learning in the classroom every day. Each child needs to be stimulated to optimize the learning experience.

Due to the multi-dimensional environment Lantern School offers, the children are exposed to a multifaceted program from which they must harvest a rich educational experience.



Every child must make the most of the opportunity to learn and to be taught. A child’s attitude is very important. Not only in terms of school work, but his/her whole outlook on life.

A positive person learns more, lives more, loves more!

Encourage your child to look for the positive aspect in every situation and to learn something out of every predicament or hardship he/she might face.




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